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I Help Established Real Estate Agents Close 67% More Transactions Each Year By Implementing A Simple 5 Step System For Success.

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Training Ground

After graduating high school at the age of 17, I started a career in carpentry and a few years later started a sales position in the kitchen business and was the top salesperson in the office my first year. HOWEVER, every year after that, I started making less and less money because of the decisions the business owner was making. I knew then that I had to be my own boss.

The Unlikely Entrepreneur

With one child, another one on the way, a mortgage, a wife that had just opened an unprofitable business, two car payments, no health insurance, and very little money in the bank. I started attending business and marketing courses at night and quickly learned that it would take years to make the kind of money I wanted to earn. So, in 1991 I acquired a real estate license and proceeded to do everything precisely wrong until I found a few great mentors that could teach me how to do things right.

Stepping Up

After working 55 to 65 hours a week and barely making ends meet, the money I put on credit cards to invest in mentors started paying off. I learned, implemented, and kept a positive attitude. I got knocked down and got back up with a smile and just kept going. In my first year in real estate, I was Rookie of the Year with 17 closed transactions, and by my third year, I completed 63 transactions. Fast forward to year five and on track to closing nearly 100 transactions, I was recruited into a position as a Coach, Trainer, and Mentor to other agents.

Becoming The Expert

I loved helping homeowners buy and sell homes and working with a small team; however, I was having way more fun coaching and training other real estate agents to have the same success that I was achieving. A few years later, taking over unprofitable offices and making them profitable by helping the agents be the best they could be. I acquired an opportunity to oversee New England’s second-largest real estate company, where I was in charge of 17 offices over 450 agents. Implementing high-level training and coaching and turning managers into leaders to help agents perform better than they could imagine was a dream come true for me.

A Sought After Expert

Today, I have the honor of coaching real estate agents to go from one level to the next and another level beyond what they could ever imagine.

I get to create marketing strategies, techniques, and systems that allow real estate agents to exponentially grow their business while making it sustainable at the same time.

Having been where you are, experiencing the highs and lows, I truly understand where you’re coming from and can help you get to where you want to go efficiently.

So many of my coaching competitors out there have never sold real estate or have not sold real estate in years. I am one of the few exceptional people that continue to keep my process sharp. I have a unique ability to break down systems to be implemented simply and quickly makes me an excellent choice to be your mentor.

I love helping amazing people succeed. I love to help real estate agents that want to grow to 20, 40, or 100+ transactions a year. I’m grateful that I get to be a “valuable companion” and advisor to help agents achieve their greatness.

What Others Have to Say

John Miller, I Owe It All To You! Your Time, Energy, Patience, And Knowledge Have Been Nothing Short Of Amazing.

You have shared things with me that no one ever has, regardless of how much I paid for previous programs. I learned all things you can’t find in a book, all real-life stuff. John Miller is #1.


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