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You Are A Real Estate Agent With A Strong Desire To Build A Scalable Business,

be perceived as an expert, and command a higher than average fee for service...

and the health of your business depends on you getting new listings. It’s not enough to be great at what you do… you need listing clients.

And not just any listing clients, but the right listing clients. Sellers who are thrilled to work with you! Who understand that you are unique and different from anyone else in the real estate industry. Home sellers that are coachable, decisive, and are happy to pay you what you are worth. Who price their home where you recommend, prepare the home properly, and ultimately make you look like a rock star.

Without a steady flow of persistent listing leads, your business is in trouble.

We can help.

Most listing attraction strategies that are being taught today simply don’t work. Cold calling, doorknocking, social media posting, blogging, video market updates, emailing for referrals. All that stuff.

These are fine for getting attention, but they are hopeless when it comes to building a listing inventory and a scalable business. That fact is there is a huge difference when it comes to making contacts and making money.

John Miller Has Been Extremely Helpful Since Day One. He Shares Practical Knowledge I Can Implement In My Business To Make It Grow.

I talked to him and thought it was a really great fit. At this point in my career, it was a really great move for me. My production has increased year over year and you can’t put a price on that. It was actually John’s advice that eventually led me to a spot on HGTV! I now have the foundation laid to take my business to an even higher level. The efficiencies learned have helped me spend time with the right clients, great quality clients. I am extremely happy with how John Miller has helped me grow my business and the trajectory it is on.


We teach our students cutting-edge marketing techniques that really work…

and we give you the technical support and mindset support to take action and create extraordinary transformations in your business.

This is why top producing agents hire us to take their business to the next level and brand new agents hire us to get their business off the ground quickly.

Welcome to our site. Have a look at our ABOUT page. Click on our CLIENT page and meet some of the people we’ve worked with.

And when you are ready, click below to watch a complimentary training about the exact process we use to help our clients scale their real estate business by getting 3 to 5 listings a week… without endlessly grinding out prospecting phone calls and spending thousands of dollars on mailings.

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All the best,

Agent Wealth Accelerator Team

Author of best selling book:
The Rise in Real Estate

What Others Have to Say

John Miller, I Owe It All To You! Your Time, Energy, Patience, And Knowledge Have Been Nothing Short Of Amazing.

You have shared things with me that no one ever has, regardless of how much I paid for previous programs. I learned all things you can’t find in a book, all real-life stuff. John Miller is #1.


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